Strategic Portfolio Management

Investment success requires time, not timing. This is why Family Heritage Trust thinks long-term in our investment strategy and is not distracted by passing fluctuations or fads in portfolio management.

Time spent with each client allows us to understand their specific investment circumstances and objectives along with their tolerance for risk. With each client we create a detailed investment plan based on their specific long-term goals, and is sufficiently flexible to adapt to changing life events and capital market conditions. Time with each client develops a high level of personal attention and mutual understanding between the client and Family Heritage Trust. Long-term relationships promote success, and we believe a collaborative effort between client and portfolio manager is the optimal formula for achieving investment goals.

As a result, Family Heritage Trust's investment management approach is highly customized to be specifically aligned with the needs of each client. We select portfolios that incorporate our client's objectives, rate of return, tolerance for risk, income needs, liquidity requirements, tax considerations, and other specific terms that may govern how the portfolio is to be managed.

We utilize a disciplined, well-diversified balanced approach to portfolio management incorporating a fundamental belief that each asset class has a specific function within the portfolio, and each asset class is to be managed as a complement to the other asset classes.

Thinking strategically and avoiding short-term emotions is key to long-term, real wealth preservation.