Diversified Investment Managed Portfolios

For many investors, the most appropriate approach is to utilize "multi-style" and "multi-asset class" mutual fund portfolios to achieve their desired investment goals. The Family Heritage Trust Company is able to deliver a truly progressive service in concert with one of the nation's leading mutual fund companies. Through a strategic business alliance with OBS Financial Services, we are able to offer portfolios utilizing Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) mutual funds which feature:

Eight distinct investment strategies, or models, spanning the risk and return spectrum.

An Income portfolio to maximize total return by providing a steady stream of income.

Clients may invest in the strategy that is aligned with their specific return and risk profile.

Each Efficient Frontier Series model is comprised of low-cost, no-load institutional mutual funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors(DFA), and allocated among different managers for asset and style diversification. Portfolio turnover and security transactional costs are kept to a minimum. DFA's pioneering investment philosophy is summarized in the Efficient Frontier Investing Approach

Models are automatically rebalanced and always managed according to the objective of that model.

The benefit to you is a low cost way in which to invest in a diversified portfolio of quality, no-load mutual funds that have built-in due diligence of the funds and their managers. This ensures the model will always be managed to the risk and return parameters that are established.