At some point every owner leaves their business, voluntarily or otherwise. At that time every business owner wants to receive the maximum proceeds from a sale in order to accomplish personal, financial, and estate planning goals. Family Heritage Trust works with you, and your other professional advisors, to help set financial objectives, prioritize the investment plan, and optimize key fiduciary strategies to help increase the value of the after-tax sale and increase the likelihood this value will be preserved over time.

We believe that there are four business principles that should shape a business owner's pre-sale or transfer approach:

1) Defining personal financial goals is an essential component of evaluating and managing the sale proceeds.
2) Addressing living standards and spending needs prior to the sale helps to ensure maintenance of one's lifestyle.
3) Orchestrating trust vehicles to help maximize sale value and fulfill financial goals.
4) Defining a post-sale investment plan before the sale to help implement strategies at the most opportune time.

Many specialists with focused expertise are typically a part of the business seller's advisory team, as no one single professional will have all of the answers. Family Heritage Trust, with its independent and objective fiduciary powers, acts as a contributing member to this team, and works in concert with all of your advisors to ensure a smooth and profitable transition.

Wealth management and preservation is truly our core business service, and as you think about selling your business, we ask of you this simple question: "If you have spent your life building your business and creating wealth, don't you think you should spend sufficient time thinking about how you will protect it?" We believe the business exit planning process begins with this step: Preparation of estate planning documentation and funding.