Legacy planning begins from within as you assess which family, friends and other relationships are truly important to you. If estate planning is going to create a lasting legacy, it has to begin with an assessment of your most closely held principles and values. Legacy planning doesn't start with an eye towards tax strategies. It starts with an examination of your beliefs and provides an opportunity to decide how your life's story can continue most effectively within your family and the organizations and people that are important to you.

While all of us spend time planning in our businesses, a good portion of our lives take place almost by default. Your legacy plan not only mirrors the positive aspects of the life you have lived, it can help you live the remainder of your life more deliberately so that your story begins to take clearer focus for others.

Everyone has an estate plan, whether a plan by default or a plan by design. You can plan your estate with your family or leave it for them to consider at the most difficult of times. Family Heritage Trust will assist you with a values-based legacy plan that encourages stronger relationships today, strengthens intergenerational communication and trust and may even restore relationships that have become strained.