Planning and Services

One of the most difficult decisions to make in retirement is: "Who can I rely on to satisfactorily administer all of my financial obligations if I am traveling or have health issues or incapacitated?" This concern can be fully addressed through the appointment and utilization of Family Heritage Trust's multiple services for families. We carefully integrate our services with your other advisors and serve as a "quarterback" to a cohesive team of professionals to execute a comprehensive estate and wealth management plan.


Consolidation of your multiple investment accounts into a secure, single relationship greatly simplifies the accounting, security, safekeeping, and tax preparation requirements of your wealth. You are able to maintain relationships with other advisors, but the benefit is a coordinated effort to manage and account for you assets.

Approval and Security

We can establish procedures to ensure that all instructions meet established family guidelines for approval and authorization. This may include review of instructions to verify authority for cash movement, ancillary family services, and other services which may serve specific family needs.

Accounting and Record-keeping

When accounting for incoming assets, cash, retirement benefits, property receipts, and other income; and paying out cash to meet one's obligations such as utility bills, lease or rental obligations, health-related expenses, and other living needs, a single-source accounting of these net cash flows truly provides a clear understanding of all activities and a simplicity of reporting to you. We routinely pay assisted-living bills, legal and accounting fees, investment manager fees, and other family expenses, and these are accurately summarized on our statement of activity to you. We even remit regular transfers to banking accounts and other family members if we are charged to do so.